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"Ma Vie En Rose"

Alain Berliner’s official Belgian entry for best foreign film for consideration in the Academy Awards race and who has already received a Golden Globe Award honor for best foreign flick certainly is deserving of these honors.  The film really investigates the mores and morals of our very hypocritical society.

When the lead of this story, a seven-year-old decides that he is a girl and believes it with all his heart we really have a story and a half to tell.  At first when he shows up at a family outing as a girl in full regalia in earrings and all the parents try to excuse it as a put-on.  But when he consistently insists that he is a girl, the parents' concerns become frighteningly real.  Especially since his father’s boss has a son the same age and our boy-girl has designs on him declaring to the whole world that he is going to marry him.  Things really get uptight with the parents.  The boss tells his son that he is going to hell if he continues the friendship with employee’s son.  Much to the anxiety of the young men each quite upset by the turn of events.  The parents take him to a therapist, who tries very hard to deal with the situation at hand, only to give up.  The father loses his job and they have to move away from the pricey neighborhood.  He finds a new job only to be threatened by his seven-year-old behavior.

There is a fantasy side to the story, which translates beautifully into the small boy’s fantasies.  When the father thinks that he is making headway in the dilemma, he promises his boy that he can have any wish he wants, he goes into shock when his son tells him that he wants to attend a girl’s birthday party in a skirt.

The most incredible revelations are the adults and how they handle the problems of the young boy’s sense of sexuality.  The solution is not resolved, except maybe it will work itself out.  The movie lives up to its title “My Life In Pink”. You leave the theatre wondering why understanding is boldly spelled UNDERSTANDING.

Ma Vie En Rose
Sony Pictures Classics
Produced by: Carole Scotta
Directed by: Alain Berliner
With: Georges du Fresne, Michele Laroque, Jean-Phillipe Ecoffey, Helene Vincent
Screenplay by: Chris vander Stappen, Alain Berliner
Production Manager: Daniel Delume
Director of photography: Yves Cape
Edited by: Sandrine Deegen
Rated: R

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Original Date Wednesday 25 February 1998
Updated Wednesday 25 February 1998