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" The Matrix"

While everyone is waiting for the “Star Wars” opening in May, they can really get their jollies by looking in at “Matrix”. The dazzling effects and the returned of Keanu Reeves, after having turned down “Speed II” has been well worth the wait. This dazzler leaves you breathless.

Larry and Andy Wachowski have written and directed this digital and computerized thriller with ‘DAMMED THE TORPEDOES , FULL SPEED AHEAD’. The story isn’t new, but the injected voltage by all involved makes up for the weak moments in the film. Neo, (Reeves), is a passive author of software, during daylight hours, but he turns into proverbial vampire of a hacker by night. Carrie-Anne Moss plays Trinity, and she is one that would be assailants don’t want to mess around with, thank heaven, that she is on Neo side, her partner being non other than Lawrence Fishburne, who plays Morpheus , an awesome character. Hugo Weaving, is a robotic machine in the guise of an FBI man and he tauntingly epitomizes the villain of this incredible game. What a far cry from his performance in “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen Of The Dessert”. Gloria Foster does a very convincing bit as the Oracle.

But if ever there was a star-turn it has to be Bill Pope, who is credited with the visuals, his science-fiction technology is one that is going to be long remembered. The kung fu fight sequences, makes the man in the flying trapeze, look like a sleep-walker. Your energy will be completely sapped by the Wachowski brothers. They throw the towel wringing wet at you and leave you to walk limping out of the theatre. Can we now have Keanu Reeves back in a romantic film, “Walk In The Clouds”, so we can relax.

The Matrix
Warner Bros.
Keanu Reeves
Laurence Fishburne
Carrie-Anne Moss
Hugo Weaving
Gloria Foster
Joe Pantoliano
Marcus Chong
Paul Goddard

Produced by -------------- Joel Silver
Executive producers ------ Barrie Osborne, Andrew Mason, Andy Wachowski, Larry Wachowski, Erwin Stoff, Bruce Berman
Co-producer ------------- Dan Cracchiolo
Directed by --------------- the Wachowski brothers
Written by ---------------- the Wachowski brothers
Camera ------------------ Bill Pope
Editor -------------------- Zach Staenberg
MPAA Rated R for sci-fi violence.
Running time: 136 min

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Original Date 2 April 1999