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"The Matchmaker"

The "The Matchmaker" is really the most loving tribute of a travelogue of Ireland. The predictability of the story line doesn't detract from the obvious beauty of the Emerald Island. You do feel like jumping on a plane and getting transported to this land of leprechauns and of course the most mischievous of leprechauns is Milo O'Shea as the incurable romantic matchmaker. His attitude that there is a woman for every man and a man for every woman, regardless of the mismatches creates much of the comedy in "The Matchmaker".

Janeane Garofalo, in her first solo lead, proves that she is a beauty with brains and doesn't let comedic talents impede her journey into stardom. She works for a Boston politician running for senator, Jay O. Sanders, who wants to establish his Irish roots, a questionable genealogy, but something that will place him ahead in the polls. She goes to Ireland and runs into a matchmaking festival that really thwarts her efforts to uncover her assignment. She meet her match in David O'Hara, an actor who oozes charm and acts so naturally that you can't tell if he is really acting. They work hand in glove for the most romantic pair of the season. It really is a Great Day For The Irish, and we are really lucky to share in this four-leaf clover.

Where do they find all these refreshing faces to fill their pubs? Even the dog is a treasure. Mark Joffe the director knows his Irish smiling eyes. Ellery Ryan director of photography shows us Ireland whose beauty has not been photographed with such knowing eyes. The screenplay by Karen Janszen, Louis Nowra and Graham Linehan is based on a screenplay by Greg Dinner. How's that for sharing writing credits?

If you are tired of all the blockbusters, come fly with me and let's kiss the Blarney Stone.

The Matchmaker
Polygram Filmed Entertainment
Produced by: Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Luc Roeg
Directed by: Mark Joffe
With: Janeane Garofalo, David O'Hara, Milo O'Shea, Jay O. Sanders, Denis Leary
Director of Photography: Ellery Ryan
Screenplay by: Karen Janszen, Louis Nowra, Graham Linehan
Based on a screenplay by: Greg Dinner
Rated: R

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Original Date Sunday 6 October 1997
Updated Sunday 6 October, 1997