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"The Mask of Zorro"

Martin Campbell, the director of this new swashbuckling, ďThe Mask of ZorroĒ, takes out back to the days of Tyrone Power, Linda Darnell romantic escapades, not to mention Errol Flynn, and why not the same swordmaster that thought him, Robert Anderson is still doing blade choreography, for this epic, forty -five years later and with such panache.   The energy, the excitement, the humor with which Martin Campbell has infused in this Mexican California tale, makes up for all those multi-million dollar thrillers that donít thrill at all.  When you have actors with tremendous integrity to their profession, you are going to really create believable people.

Anthony Hopkins at last redeems himself in a role, as he claims, that doesnít have him dead from the knees up.  He is dashing as the older Zorro, who hopes to find a counterpart to take his place now that he is getting up in years.  Antonio Banderas is up to the task as a pupil that is taught class by a master.  It is luck that both of them have Tony for a first name.  They are beautifully matched and when you bring a talented actress like Catherine Zeta-Jones, who is breathtakingly beautiful.  You have romanticism at it best.  Especially when she can handle herself with the best of blades in a sword fight, thatís an incredible duel.  She scorches up the dance floor with Banderas in a tango that leaves you wanting for more.  Even old chestnuts, like the scene in the confessional between these two take on new meaning, comic timing.  Stuart Wilson as the nemesis of an out of control California Don, ready to grab the gold and run and to hell with all the poor people, but of course he has to settle old scores with the likes of the older and younger Zorro.

The movie is so refreshing in the approach that all the participants contribute with a newness that I am sure they were unaware of bringing to the project.  The film was all shot in Mexico and the temperatures soared, which is why, maybe the whole cast is so chile hot. It is a credit to times when mannered people still had manners and still could be as nasty as they come.  Our hats are off to all the stunt people, which created such rivalries and still survived.

Mask of Zorro
Tristar (Sony)


  • Antonio Banderas
  • Anthony Hopkins
  • Catherine Zeta Jones
  • Director --------------------Martin Campbell
    Producer ------------------ David Foster, Doug Clayborne
    Screenplay ---------------- Terry Tossio, Ted Elliott, John Eskow
    Story ----------------------- Ted Elliott, Terry Tossio, Randall Jahnson
    Camera -------------------- Phil Meheux
    Costume designer --------- Graciela Mazon
    Sword master -------------- Robert Anderson
    Rated PG-13

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    Original Date Monday 20 July 1998
    Updated Monday 20 July 1998