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"Love and Death on Long Island"

Visconti’s “Death In Venice”, was indeed a masterpiece and the debut of writer-director Richard Kwietniowski, with “Love and Death on Long Island”, comes at a time when we are all obsessed with stalking and seeking privacy that has been invaded by the media, as well as individuals whose lives have not been exposed to the modern world.

Here we have John Hurt in the performance of a lifetime, not only tremendously intelligent, but a cult writer, that accidentally buys a ticket to the wrong movie and winds up seeing “Hotpants College ll”, He falls hopelessly in loved with its young hero, Jason Priestly, in a role that reveals multiple layers of an intelligent young man, confused by the attention that this older man showers on him.  Revealing much, as he is committed to his beautiful girlfriends, who is instrumental in bringing them together, without realizing the danger she is letting Jason become exposed to.

The trio works beautifully, and unlike “Death In Venice”, the solution is more happily left unresolved.  The revelation of thoughts expressed by these actors goes beyond words.  A big credit for letting their eyes do the homework, the audience enjoys these delicious morsels.  That more directors would be so clever to follow suit.

Love and Death on Long Island
Cinepix Film Properties Inc.
Directed by: Richard Kwietniowski
Produced by: Steve Clark-Hall, Christopher Zimmer
Associate producer: Brian Donovan
With: John Hurt, Jason Priestley, Fiona Loewi, Sheila Hancock, Maury Chaykin, Gawn Grainger, Elizabeth Quinn, Bruce Fillmore, Tom Hurst
Costume design by: Andrea Galer
Production Design by: David McHenry
Director of photography: Oliver Curtis
Music by: Richard Grassby-Lewis, The Insects
Edited by: Susan Shipton
Written by: Richard Kwietniowski
Novel by: Gilbert Adair
Rated: PG-13

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Original Date Sunday 5 April 1998
Updated Sunday 5 April 1998