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"Lethal Weapon 4"

God Bless, Mel Gibson and Danny Glover for their continued efforts in this series, not only is their humor contagious, their camaraderie, is so infectious, that audiences are willing to come along for the ride. What a ride it is, it is without the best of all four lethals.  Just the opening sequence is enough to cause heart failure.

Of course our men of steel can survive, anything, after all they are under contract to Warner Brothers, so why should we fret if they are going to come out of it with a few bruises, the villains are the ones that are going to have to pay.  Rene Russo is such a delectable dish as the pregnant wife to be; yes Gibson is realistic enough to have a semblance of a script going here.  Joe Pesci, is his humorous best.  But it is two newcomers that really makes us sit-up and pay attention.

Chris Rock, from Saturday Night Live and Jet Li, the answer to Bruce Lee.  He is as suave a villain as they come and leaves you wanting for more.  The fact that the boys find time to smash a counterfeiting ring and go through so many spectacular stunts, that only director Richard Donner could possibly conceived.

This movie is like going to a super family reunion, where you know anything might happen and it usually does.  You as the audience are made to feel so welcome.  That if all this tomfoolery didnít materialize you would be disappointed.

Will there be a Number 5, Yep and maybe Chris Rock and Jet Li can take over.  Mel and Danny can go to their rocking chairs.

Lethal Weapon 4
Warner Bros. -  Silver Pictures production


  • Mel Gibson
  • Danny Glover
  • Rene Russo
  • Chris Rock
  • Jet Li
  • Director --------------- Richard Donner
    Producer -------------- Joel Silver, Richard Donner
    Editors ----------------Frank Urioste, Dallas Puett
    Camera -------------- Andrzej Bartowiak
    Screenplay ----------- Channing Gibson
    Story ----------------- Jonathan Lemkin, Alfred Gough, Miles Millar
    Based on characters created by Shane Black
    Rated R

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    Original Date Wednesday 15 July 1998
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