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"Kiss or Kill"

The prestigious Australian movie industry has given us so many superb films that you can easily become jaded and say that they never made a bad film. Well with the movie Kiss or Kill they get their comeuppance. Especially since the Australians voted their best film of 1997, comparable to winning the Hollywood Academy Award for best film. With all the hot hype, like four stars, racy thriller, sizzling tour-de-force, fresh and invigorating, two thumbs up, deliciously twisted, film noir, love story, psychological drama, a whodunit and audacious some of the adjectives that critics have unloaded on it.

I am afraid that they all got sucked in by what was supposed to be the ultimate romantic getaway. I would call it a poor man's "Bonnie and Clyde", but that would be an insult to that excellent film. Frances O'Connor and Matt Day, act up a storm as fugitive lovers all over the Australian countryside, killing, stealing and in general creating limpid havoc. This gratuitous spree is so boring and tasteless that you wonder who thought all barfed to spill on an unsuspecting audience. When they run out of dialogue or action they throw another getaway chase down the road with cars burning up rubber. After awhile you realize that there is no end to this nonsense. They even throw a couple living in a nuclear site just for kicks. REALLY! The people responsible for making this kind of movie should reconsider making a quick buck some other way.

When I go to the movies I go with a very opened mind and ask myself questions like; Is this worth my entertainment dollar? Is this entertaining me? Could I really leave the theatre and recommend it to others? Did I care about these people? If so, why? This one left me so empty that I couldn't believe I had actually gone to the theatre. Please seek something more believable.

Kiss Or Kill
October Films
Writer director: Bill Bennett
With: Frances O'Connor as Nikki, Matt Day as Al, Barry Langrishe as Zipper Doyle, Andrew S. Gilbert, Chris Haywood
Rated: R
Limited release

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Original Date Tuesday 2 December 1997
Updated Tuesday 2  December 1997