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"In & Out"

"In & Out", the title tells it all, mindless frivolity. It's like being at the check out line or the drive-thru. In a society, in dire need of laughter, we find ourselves grasping for the obvious quick fixes of laughs. The In the closet or Out of the closet, still holds so much fascination for the curious, careless or just plain bored to seek relief.

Certainly you cannot fault the performances, up to a point, Kevin Kline has never had the opportunity to show his talents to this extreme and he relishes every single moment that he is on the screen. Joan Cusack, a bit over the top, makes sure we are awared of her comedic ability. Tom Selleck, sans moustache, as a Dan Ratherish reporter, who just happens to be gay is sent to cover the story of a small-town teacher, who was acknowledged by a former student, Matt Dillon, who does a Brad Pitt turn that is hilarious, that his English teacher taught him all about the beauty and appreciation of great drama and literature. Of course he announces this at the Academy Awards where he has become the recipient of the Oscar and mentions lightly that his teacher was gay. His teacher just happens to be three days from getting married. Outrage ensues and your intelligence is tested. The turnabout, the Kiss. You certainly, know that Tom Selleck plants one on Kevin Kline that sends titers through the theatre. Debbie Reynolds, supports her son, (Is she destine to portray every mother, after her great act in "Mother"?), to the point that she declares herself a lesbian and Wilford Brimley his father as gay. Bob Newhart as the befuddled high school principal, is beautifully cast.

Our mores and morals have changed so much in the last few years that this movie would have been sensational twenty years ago, now it is just number one at the box-office. Is that bad, yes if you have a mentality that doesn't demand more for your entertainment dollar. Maybe I should lighten up, but to see the exciting talent of Paul Rudnick, wasted in drivel is too much. Afterall, his play "I Hate Hamlet" proved that he is a writer to be conjured with, his play "Jeffrey", was quickly made into a movie, the delightful Patrick Stuart played gay, Gay. Some enterprising producer should film "I Hate Hamlet". "My Best Friend's Wedding" certainly handled this theme more honestly and realistically. We need laughter, but we have to decide whether to laugh with or at.

In & Out
Paramount Pictures
Produced by: Scott Rudin
Written by: Paul Rudnick
With: Kevin Kline, Joan Cusack, Matt Dillon,Debbie Reynolds, Wilfor Brimley, Bob Newhart and Tom Selleck

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Original Date Wednesday 24 September 1997
Updated Wednesday, 24 September, 1997