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"The Impostors"

The triple threat Tucci, Stanley that is, he writes, he acts and directs his latest effort, “The Impostors”, the only thing is that as talented as he is, and his “The Big Night”, was really excellent, in this one he can not quite come up with what should have been a very funny comedy, it really needed more story, than we get.  Oliver Platt as his co-star plays wonderfully off of Tucci and they are highly reminiscent of Laurel and Hardy, but even those two had story lines that were able to carry them through their prat-falls and punch lines that the audience is always ahead of them.   It takes quite awhile for them to finely get away as stowaways in a pleasure cruise ship, where everybody isn’t what they are supposed to be, thus the title of “The Impostors”.  Their antics of having insulted a Shakespearean actor, played over the top by Alfred Molina is too much.  That he just happens to be on the same cruise ship makes for all the madcap behavior.

Among the other performers are Steve Buscemi's as jilted crooner and Campbell Scott as a brutish German Officer.  The chemistry between Platt and Tucci is great, but it serves more like a drama exercise, the meat and bones are missing.  A potential love story might have help, unfortunately the ladies are left wanting.  Even though Isabella Rossellini, Lili Taylor and Hope Davis, are ships that pass in the night.  Yes, it is a hilarious cast of characters; the only thing is the audience is not laughing.  The few laughs emanating are the constant hope that movie will get better.  It does not, next outing for Tucci, holds greater promise and we certainly are all for that as he is a talent that has plenty of room to grow.

The Impostors
Fox Searchlight

Oliver Platt
Stanley Tucci
Alfred Molina
Lili Taylor
Tony Shalhoub
Teagle F. Bougere
Steve Buscemi
Allison Janney
Matt McGrath
Richard Jenkins
Isabella Rossellini
Campbell Scott
Billy Connolly
Dana Ivey
Hope Davis
Allan Corduner

Directed by ---------------- Stanley Tucci
Produced by --------------- Stanley Tucci, Beth Alexander
Executive producer -------- Jonathan Filley
Director of photography -- Ken Kelsch
Editor ----------------------- Suzy Elmiger
Written by ----------------- Stanley Tucci
MPAA Rated R

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Original Date Monday 25 October 1998