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"Home Alone 3"

Last week Macaulay Culkin attended the new stage production of "The Diary of Anne Frank" in a tux and top hat, looking like a million dollars waiting for change in all of his splendorous seventeen years, announcing to the movie world that he is back and ready to work. Last Sunday they held a sneak preview with the eight year old Alex D. Linz as the new home alone boy. John Hughes has scripted a new third installment of "Home Alone 3". Now Alex Pruitt is left alone to his own devises, (and what a myriad they are) and his illness, chicken pox. He foils international thieves, who supposedly are looking for a computer chip containing U.S. defense plans. Guess where it is hidden, of course in his toy car. But before that, all the mayhem that he creates in keeping the bad guys from obtaining it. The fact that the preview was held at 4:00 P.M. was a clear indication that the theatres were catering to the family trade.

What strike me as rather ludicrous is that with all the antics, nobody really gets hurt, a similar condition that existed in "Flubber", big bowling bowls hit people, even if they are the villains, they just get up and walk away. Is it any wonder that children have so little regard for danger? You cannot turn the evening news without hearing about some drive-by shooting or a classmate coming and gunning down innocent victims and feeling it was all like a dream or in a movie. Of course we are suppose to know right from wrong, but the fact remains that there are a great many impressionable kids that believe it is all in fun and that the victims will get up and walk again. After all they do it in the movies all the time. It is time that we all should be more responsible, beginning with the Studios, no matter how lucrative a series is.

Home Alone 3
20th Century Fox
Produced by: John Hughes, Hilton Green
Directed by: Raja Gosnell
With: Alex D. Linz, Haviland Morris
Co-producer: Ricardo Mestres
Executive producer: Ricardo Mestres
Music by: Nick Glennie-Smith
Film editor: Bruce Green, Malcolm Campbell
Production designer: Henry Bumstead
Director of photography: Julio Macat
Edited by: Bruce Green, Malcolm Campbell
Written by: John Hughes
Rated: PG
Formal Release Date 12  December 1997 wide

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Original Date Tuesday 9 December 1997
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