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Hilary and Jackie

Every once in a while a remarkable film comes along that leaves you knowing why you love the cinema. The inventive work of Anand Tucker, who directed this brilliant film, leaves such an indelible imprint on your senses. All of them aroused and alerted for the stories of two sisters who are so talented that the music world stopped and took noticed. Their fierceness for loving so passionately not only their music, but each other to the point of involving the lives of those around them. It makes for great drama and the fact that Tucker has assembled a cast so talented to bring these people to real live characters is a credit to their artistry.

Certainly Emily Watson will not be overlooked when the Academy dispense their nominations on Feb. 9th, 1999. Her portrayal of Jacqueline du Pre is etched in deep molten silver and we feel strangely drawn as her disease takes over towards the end of the movie. Rachel Griffiths as Hilary displays the balance needed and required for the story to work. David Morrisey, as Hilary husband, who becomes the unwittingly manage-a-trois, and perhaps the most controversial part of husband swapping in the movie’s story line, which by the way is based on the book that Hilary and Piers Du Pre, sister and brother wrote, entitled “A Genius In The Family”, and gives veracity to all details of the film.

From an interview with Emily Watson, she is quoted as saying that Jacqueline often said that the cello was incredibly sensual and that as a woman you’re forced to embrace it with your body. So it becomes like a lover. It fulfilled her life in many ways and it left her lonely. Isn’t that what lovers do to us?” Multiple Sclerosis was the great tragedy that finally took her ability to play her beloved instrument. But thank God that she was able to leave so many recordings of hr music. The love of these two sisters is one that stands for all siblings that think like this cannot happen. It is a triumph for all involved in the film.

An Intermedia Films
Film Four

Emily Watson ------------- Jacqueline Du Pre
Rachel Griffiths ----------- Hilary Du Pre
James Frain --------------- Daniel Barenboim
David Morrissey ---------- Kiffer Finzi
Charles Dance ----------- Derek Du Pre
Celia Imrie ---------------- Iris Du Pre
Rupert Penry-Jones ----- Piers Du Pre
Bill Paterson ------------- Cello Teacher
Auriol Evans ------------- Young Jackie
Keeley Flanders --------- Young Hilary
Nyree Dawn Porter ----- Dame Margot Fonteyn
Vernon Dobtcheff ------- Prof. Bentley

Produced by ------------- Andy Paterson, Nicolas Kent
Executive producers ---- Guy East, Nigel Sinclair, Ruth Jackson
Directed by -------------- Anand Tucker
Camera ------------------ David Johnson; editor, Martin Walsh
Music -------------------- Barrington Pheloung
Cellist -------------------- Caroline Dale
Production designer ---- Alice Normington
Costume designer ------- Sandy Powell
Assistant director ------- Rupert Ryle-Hodges
Casting ------------------- Simone Ireland, Vanessa Pereira
Screenplay --------------- Frank Cottrell-Boyce
Based on the book "A Genius in the Family" by Hilary and Piers Du Pre
Running time: 124 min

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Original Date 6 February 1999