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"Gods and Monsters"

Now that Bill Condon’s “Gods and Monsters” has been selected by the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures, as the best film of the year and Ian McKellen as the best the best actor, from the same film, it will be interesting to see how all the other Oscar bidding flicks will fare. Without doubt, “Gods and Monsters” based on the book “Father of Frankenstein,” deserves this particular honor.

The impeccable and brilliant performance by McKellen, leaves all other male performers behind, not that there is a shortage of excellent performances. His subtle nuance of his portrayal of James Whale, the declared homosexual, director of the horror flick genre is detailed in a most unrelentless , revealing way. His excessive, incisive bravura performance, incite his co-stars, Brendan Fraser and Lynn Redgrave to match his incredible mountains of talent. Yes, that is Brendan Fraser, the Jungle boy, that turns in a lusty performance of a stud, that builds a relationship, between hetero and homo with the ever presence of the maid, played deliciously by Lynn Redgrave. We meet Whale and Clay (Fraser) twenty years after Whale’s success in Hollywood as a director, living quietly , but rather elegantly in the urban valley of Hollywood, only to have his libido tantalized one more last time by the brutish, straight gardener, Fraser. McKellen as a seducer proceeds to engage him in some of the most intelligent and witty dialogue and here is where the genius of Bill Condon, works magic. The bond between these two men transcends the initial conquest, but denies the viewer very little.

Yes, the superlatives are pouring in, Riveting, Exceptional, Transfixing, Unexpected and touching,, Elegantly witty and haunting and unalloyed success. Well for once believe me it is deserving of all of them and much more. GET THEE TO A THEATRE AND SEE IT.

Gods and Monsters
Regent Entertainment
Lions Gate Films Inc.

Ian McKellen ------------ James Whale
Brendan Fraser ---------- Clayton Boone
Lynn Redgrave ---------- Hanna
Lolita Davidovich -------- Betty
Kevin J. O'Connor ------ Harry
David Dukes ------------- David Lewis
Brandon Kleyla ---------- Young Whale
Jack Plotnick ------------ Edmond Kay

Directed by --------------- Bill Condon
Produced by -------------- Paul Colichman, Fienberg, Mark Harris
Executive producers ----- Clive Barker, Stephen Jarchow
Music by ------------------ Carter Burwell
Camera by ---------------- Stephen M. Katz
Costume Design by ------ Bruce Finlayson
Production Design by ---- Richard Sherman
Casting, ---------- Valorie Massalas
Edited by ------------------ Virginia Katz
Written by ----------------- Bill Condon
Based on the novel “Father of Frankenstein” by Christopher Bram
Running time: 105 min

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Original Date 14 December 1998