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"The Full Monty"

When I saw "Trainspotting", last year I thought surely, only Ewan McGregor, would wind up being its only survivor, I was really wrong, for emerging equally as a huge star is Robert Carlyle, (he played Begbie, the wild weirdie in "Trainspotting"). In "The Full Monty", he really comes to full blossom as the divorced man, out of work and a teenager to support, who in turn, turns out to be more supportive of his father.

The basics of "The Full Monty": a steel manufacturing town, men out of work, just hanging around an unemployment center, and finally a gem of an idea to earn money. The inventiveness of Robert Carlyle, who, as Gaz, decides to do a Chippendale review, which had played locally to a full house of their women folk. He tries to do the same with his friends. Of course, the fact that they only have the equipment but not the looks or the physique is of little consequence to them.

The most hilarious scenes are when they try to learn dance steps and when they audition for extra members. Hugo Speer's audition really makes them stand up and pay attention, he cannot dance, but his huge endowment qualified for the starring role, that scene is worth the price of admission. Peter Cattaneo has taken what would have been a sex comedy and given it substance and poignancy. He has directed with a sure hand in a territory that could have been sticky wicket. All his actors delivered a bawdy broad humorous tale of the heart. Not very much unlike the desperation of the men in "Brassed Off", the labor movement, the deserted mills and mines. However in "The Full Monty" the laughs are more bountiful and the striptease by these workers, the women in the movie get to see the full monty while the audience in the theatre only get a full movie mooning.

It is nice to note that this week, "The Full Monty" surprised the in crowd in Hollywood, by coming in third place at the box-office in the top ten, no small feat considering all the blockbusters out there. Also the fact that it is not playing in so many theatres as the other movies in the top ten. As a matter of fact, "The Game" only did roughly $5,000.00 per house as opposed to "The Full Monty" which did about $8000.00 per house. Which meant that the number of theatres showing "The Full Monty" were packed to the hilt and number of houses that were playing "The Game", were not.

The Full Monty
Fox Searchlight Pictures
with: Robert Carlyle, Tom Wilkinson, Mark Addy
written by: Simon Beaufoy
produced by: Uberto Pasolini
directed by: Peter Cattaneo

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Original date Monday, 15 September 1997
Updated Monday, 29 September, 1997