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"Ever After"

The mantle of the Barrymore dynasty has finally been lifted to “A” status, by none other than Drew Barrymore, in this beautiful epic of the retelling of the Cinderella fairy tale.  Jeanne Moreau, plays a grande dame who tell the Grimm Brothers that they have the story all wrong of the Cinder Girl, she really was Danielle.  What a feisty young girl she is and way ahead of her time.  The story has all the elements of the original, but with delightful twists.

One of the most arched performances of the wicked stepmother, played with tongue in cheek by Anjelica Huston.  She delivers a performance so telling that you realize that she has at her fingertips, lessons on acting that most young thespians never even strive or learn in their lifetime.

Drew Barrymore is lucky to be surrounded by a refreshing cast.  The thankless role of the prince, is enhanced by Dougray Scott.  The fairy Godfather, is played by Patrick Godfrey, as Leonardo Da Vinci, he creates a great character role.  The humor is refreshing, the France of the  16th Century is breathtaking, the vistas of the castles and surrounding grounds are beautifully photographed.  Reminds you that locations movies bring a certain verve, that Hollywood sets don’t cut it.

Andy Tennant directs with a sure hand , just as he did with one of his last movies, “Fools Rush In”. Drew Barrymore follows this one with “Home Fries”, as modern a girl as you’ll want to see.  It's great to see her grow up right before our eyes and  finally take hold of her life.

Ever After
20th Century Fox


  • Drew Barrymore ---- Danielle de Barbarac
  • Anjelica Huston ----- Rodmilla
  • Dougray Scott ------ Prince Henry and heir to the throne
  • Patrick Godfrey ----- Leonardo da Vinci
  • Director -------------- Andy Tennant
    Producer ------------- Soria Trench, Tracey Trench
    Film Editing ---------- Roger Bondelli
    Screenplay by  ------- Susannah Grant, Andy Tennant, Rick Parks
    Based on the legend "Cinderella"
    Rated PG-13

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