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The eternal fountain of youth indeed has blessed Matthew Broderick, it only seemed like yesterday that he was playing hooky from high school in “Ferris Mueller’s Day Off”. Now he is playing the high school principal, in a sly comedy that is the surprise hit of the spring season. His performance as well as that of his co-star Reese Witherspoon will knock your socks off.

It is such a delight when you discover a film that is so well constructed as to make you leave the theatre with a smile and a happy face to boot. Alexander Payne directed this with a sure fire hand and also co-scripted with Jim Taylor a finely funny honed script that makes you realized that more movie goers should be looking for gems like this than making such a fuss of waiting for “Star Wars”.

The refreshing story of a high school principal actually creating a situation of setting up a high school election, because he thinks that, there should at least be some competition, to the brainy beauty Reese Witherspoon who is running with no opposition for class president. When he elicits the help of a football hero who has suffered a leg injury to run against her, the stage is set for all kind of shenanigans. The side stories will keep you hopping as he also is having an affair with his wife’s best friend and it is interwoven to keep all points of interest hopping. This teen satire is so deliciously wicked, that regardless of age you want to be the first to take a bite of the red juicy poisoned apple.

Memorable indeed. Run to the box-office and start laughing. The casting is brilliant.

Paramount Pictures

Matthew Broderick ---------- Jim McAllister
Reese Witherspoon ---------- Tracy Flick
Chris Klein ------------------- Paul Metzler
Jessica Campbell ------------- Tammy Metzler
Mark Harelik ----------------- Dave Novotny
Phil Reeves ------------------ Walt Hendricks
Molly Hagan ----------------- Diane McAllister
Delaney Driscoll ------------- Linda Novotny
Colleen Camp --------------- Judith R. Flick
Frankie Ingrassia ------------ Lisa Flanagan
Matt Malloy ---------------- Vice Principal Ron Bell
Jeanine Jackson ------------ Jo Metzler
Holmes Osborne ----------- Dick Metzler

Directed by  ----------------Alexander Payne
Written by ----------------- Alexander Payne, Jim Taylor
Novel by ------------------- Tome Perrottai
Produced by --------------- Albert Berger, David Gale, Keith Samples, Ron Yerxa
Co-produced by ----------- Jim Burke, Jacobus Rose
Executive producer -------- Van Toffler
Music by ------------------ Rolfe Kent
Camera -------------------- James Glennon
Edited by ------------------ Kevin Tent
Costume Design by ------- Wendy Chuck
MPAA: Rated R for strong sexuality, sex-related dialogue and language, and a scene of drug use.
Running time: 103 min
Released 23 April 1999

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Original Date 17 May 1999