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"The Disappearance of Garcia Lorca"

Frederico Garcia Lorca, the famous Spanish poet that created havoc with his writings in Franco's fascist reign, has been brought to the screen by the committed and dedicated efforts, of Edward James Olmos, Andy Garcia and Esai Morales. If it evokes memories, of "For Whom The Bell Tolls", "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie" and last year's beautifully realized Italian movie, "The Postman", El Posino, they are all well deserved.

Esai Morales plays the young man who returns to Spain to try to piece together the abduction of his childhood hero, Garcia Lorca. His admiration for the poet leads him in a very complex mystery of the disappearance of his hero. Did he walk away? Was he taken away? Who was responsible for his murder? The first portion of the screenplay seems a bit convoluted, but then the second half brings the jigsaw puzzle together, with surprising results.

The photography lends the gossamer sepia look that makes the flashbacks more realistic. Puerto Rico, Madrid, Granada, the gypsy caves, the bullfights have never been captured so effectively to serve the story. The montage at the end between the bullfights in the arena and back in the undergrounds of the arena, compliment the incredible suspense. Andy Garcia plays Lorca, full of life and in virginal white suits, but lacks the passion that Lorca possessed in his writings. Edward James Olmos, as the publisher of the full works of Lorca, delivers an intense performance. But it is Esai Morales who holds the whole story together. He is to this movie what Guy Pearce is to "L.A. Confidential", for the literati, Garcia Lorca is a must see.

The Disappearance of Garcia Lorca
Triumph Releasing Corporation
A Sony Picture Entertainment Company
Produced by: Moctesuma Esparza Robert Katz
Produced and Directed by: Marcos Zurinaga
With: Esai Morales, Edward James Olmos, Andy Garcia
Director of photography: Juan Ruiz-Anchia
Rated: R
Federico Garcia Lorca, A Life
By: Ian Gibson
Pantheon Book

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