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"Deja Vu"

Henry Jaglon, a very independent filmmaker, really goes wildly romantic, and dedicates this film to the love of his life.  Which not so coincidentally happens to be the star of the movie, his wife. Victoria Foyt.  This is a real Valentine to her, the fact that both of them co-llaborated in writing the film makes for interesting footnotes.  Stephen Dillane and Victoria Foyt are happily married to their other mates, when as the ads for the movie read, “Your life seems perfect….. Your future is set…Then you meet the love of your life" well they do and repercussions of all sorts happen to all involved.

They didn’t mean to fall in love, but “The White Cliffs Off Dover”, the song as well as the locale, which also includes Paris, Israel, London and California provide them with great passionate feelings of their affair.  The fact that Henry Jaglon has surrounded them with excellent casting, such as Vanessa Redgrave in a very interesting role, but not quite as arresting as she was in “Mrs Dalloway”.  She does have an etching scene with her real mother in the movie that leaves you with a tart taste in your mouth, Rachel Kempson, a look alike in her old age of Vanessa, makes the scene very troubling of a mother/daughter relationship.

In the end the set of coincidences, makes you hang up your disbelief for a while for you really want the lovers to make it out of their less than successful marriages.  Very compelling and again for the hundred thousand time, Paris is the epitome of romance. Couldn’t someone just for fun fall in love in Cucamonga, Azusa or Anaheim?  Love must flourish is this places too!

Deja Vu
Rainbow Release
Directed by: Hennry Jaglom
Produced by: John Goldstone

  • Stephen Dillane ------ as Sean
  • Victoria Foyt -------- as Dana
  • Vanessa Redgrave -- as Skelly

  • Co-producer: Judith Wolinsky
    Director of photography by: Hanania Baer
    Production designed by:  Helen Scott
    Costume Design by: Rhona Russell
    Edited by: Henry Jaglom
    Screenplay by: Henry Jaglom, Victoria Foyt
    Rated PG-13 for language, brief sexuality and a scene of drug use.

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    Original Date Tuesday 5 May 1998
    Updated Tuesday 5 May 1998