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"Deep Impact"

A mess for the media and the masses.  What some critics are calling refreshing and inspirational. I think it is all drivel and formula of long ago.  Since I was a kid I have been seeing this kind of end of the world movie.  The fact that high tech and visual effects are a strong part of a movie public that believes they don’t have to use their brain to be entertained is a telling horror story of what the paying movie public is willing to sacrifice and put all their lives on hold.

Well, we are told that life goes on several times by a script that fortunately is a bit more literate than most.  However the uncharasmatic, Tea Leoni is left to handle the role of a T.V. anchor with such lack of style and incredible lack of talent that it boggles the mind.  How Robert Duvall, Morgan Freeman, Elijah Wood, Maximillian Schell, what is this talented actor doing in this schocky movie we will not be able to find out.  How did names like Zanuck and Brown and Spielberg lend their illustrious names to this project.  They should all be blown away by the Tsunami special effects that blow all the miniatures in this flick.

Scientists that critiqued the movie questioned some of the scientific accuracy. “It is fast-paced, tire squealing scene, and it’s as far from reality as Pluto is from the Sun", quotes James V Scotti, scientist from University of Arizona.  What they forgot to tell us is that there is more on the way, the summer is barely, here and POOR NEW YORK, NEW YORK, is already about to be clutched by “Godzilla”, after all Tokyo in the last movie, must not have been international enough!  Of course “Armageddon”, just around the corner, with comments from director, Michael Bay and screen writer, with the novel concept; ”What if we make this great asteroid movie, and make it totally real and not this hokey bullshit?" isn’t that what “Deep Impact” was supposed to do?

So much for originality as we march on to the millenium.  Next the earth will strike a planet like Mars and make it cry for water. EEEAKS!!!!

Deep Impact
Paramount / DreamWorks

  • Robert Duvall -------- Spurgeon Tanner, astronaut/mission leader
  • Téa Leoni ------------ Jenny Lerner, TV news producer
  • Elijah Wood ---------- Leo Beiderman, 14 year-old comet discoverer
  • Vanessa Redgrave --- Robin Lerner, Téa's mother
  • Maximilian Schell ---- Jason Lerner, Téa's father
  • Directed by: Mimi Leder
    Produced by: David Brown, Richard D. Zanuck
    Executive producer: Joan Bradshaw, Walter F. Parkes, Steven Spielberg
    Associate producer: D. Scott Easton
    Director of Photography by: Dietrich Lohmann
    Edited by: Paul Cichocki, David Rosenbloom
    Written by: Michael Tolkin, Bruce Joel Rubin
    Rated PG-13

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    Original Date Monday 18 May 1998
    Updated Monday 18 May 1998