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"The Corruptor"

“The Chinese are coming, the Chinese are coming” or so it would seem, with Chow Yun Fat continues his in-roads to the American public through his cinematic appearances. This action thriller is too much, that is if you haven’t had your fill, of blood and gore, explosions, car-chases, killings right and left, numbing the senses.

The excitement of seeing Chow Yun Fat, is that later in the year he will be starring with Jodie Foster in a remake of “The King and I”, what a change that will be for him. It should excite all his fans and there are moments in “The Corruptor” that you can’t help but feel that he will be a magnificent king.

In this buddy movie he is paired with the unlikely cop buddy, Mark Wahlberg, we are still waiting for Mark to make his mark come true, from his “Boogie Nights” success. Here, he is just called to look good, which isn’t difficult for him.

James Foley directs with sizzle, but the energy only hits occasionally. He is ably assisted in capturing Chinatown in New York very with a very savvy look. The film lacks the muscle that “Replacement Killers” had; consequently, you are never fully involved.  For all those who like the soundtracks, which by the way is number one, it has Jay-Z, KRS-ONE, and UGK, THAT LAST TITLE DESCRIBES THE FLICK.

New Line
Chow Yun-Fat -------------- Nick Chen
Mark Wahlberg ------------- Danny Wallace
Ric Young ------------------- Henry Lee

Directed by ------------------ James Foley
Produced by ----------------- Dan Halsted
Executive producers, ------- Oliver Stone, Terence Chang, Bill Carraro, Jay Stern
Co-executive producers ---- Jonathan Krauss, Brian Witten
Camera ---------------------- Juan Ruiz-Anchia
Editor ------------------------ Howard E. Smith
Music ------------------------ Carter Burwell
Assistant director ----------- Jeff Authors
MPAA Rated R for strong violence, language and sexuality.

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Original Date 23 March 1999