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“Cookie’s Fortune”

“Cookie’s Fortune” is Robert Altman at his best and that can be GREAT! He has assembled a cast that is difficult to beat. To the point of bringing Patricia Neal back for a rare and delightful appearance as the real kook of this fortune. Charles S. Dutton and her have a relationship and friendship that goes way back and Altman has let them take their time in establishing their characters, which ignites the screen with real star power.

Glenn Close is devilishly fun to watch as she directs an Easter pageant and cannot accept suicide as a way out for her aunt, so she masterminds a murder plot to avoid her family disgrace, with the aid of her sister played deceptively by Julianne Moore. Liv Tyler and Chris O’Donnell defrost the Coca Cola machine with their love-making, which is hilarious. If you never heard of catfish enchiladas, you will in this one and that is what makes Robert Altman such a genius.  His jailhouse scenes are enough to meander and wander through the South, like a soft blowing Spanish moss through the air. Ned Beatty provides many a humorous scenes in the Sheriff of the town Holly Springs, Mississippi, ably abetted by Donald Moffet, Lyle Lovett, Courtney B. Vance and Ruby Wilson. Anne Rapp and Altman have turn this screenplay into a seies of well carved out characters that hold your interest and make you wonder how it can all end, and Aye there is the rub, it has a very satisfying ending.

It certainly is the first flick of the 1999 that make you proud of American film making. The story telling is as leisurely as a good old southern gothic comfort fishing outing. Here is a film that you should embrace heartily and make a dash for the box-office.

Cookie's Fortune
October Films

Glenn Close ---------------- Camille Orcutt
Julianne Moore ------------- Cora Duvall
Liv Tyler -------------------- Emma Duvall
Chris O’Donnell ------------ Jason Brown
Charles S. Dutton ---------- Willis Richland
Patricia Neal --------------- Jewel Mae “Cookie” Orcutt
Ned Beatty ---------------- Lester Boyle
Courtney B. Vance -------- Otis Tucker
Donald Moffat ------------- Jack Palmer
Lyle Lovett ---------------- Manny Hood
Danny Darst --------------- Billy Cox
Matt Malloy --------------- Eddie “The Expert” Pitts
Randle Mell --------------- Patrick Freeman
Niecy Nash --------------- Wanda Carter
Rufus Thomas ------------- Theo Johnson
Ruby Wilson --------------- Josie Martin
Preston Strobel ------------ Ronnie Freeman

Directed by ---------------- Robert Altman
Produced by --------------- Robert Altman, Etchie Stroh
Executive producer -------- Willi Baer
Coproducers -------------- David Levy, James McLindon
Screenplay ---------------- Anne Rapp
Camera ------------------- Toyomichi Kurita
Editor --------------------- Abraham Lim
Music --------------------- David A. Stewart
Costume designer --------- Dona Granata
Assistant director ---------- Tommy Thompson
Casting -------------------- Pam Dixon Michelson
MPAA Rated PG-13 for the depiction of a violent act, and for sensuality.
Running time: 118 min.

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Original Date 11 April 1999