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“We stand at the doorstep of a new millennium” sounds familiar for the political savvy and with that in mind, Warrren Beatty unleashes his unstrung political satire.  Beatty whos hasn’t been seen in the movies for quite a while, really lets it all hang out with this one.  He not only is starring in this movie but he produced, directed and co-wrote the adventurous script.  When all the critics have run out of adjectives from, Wonderful, outlandish, the best, Shock and Surprises, brilliant and original, but the one that lingers most in your mind is, “Playing With Fire”, which he really is, but what is most trueful is that he handles with such high-wire artistry, that he really doesn't need a net.

With great performers for his venture, like the luscious Halle Berry who can throw curves and handle dialogue like a trapeze artist. Campaigning with rap-type rhymes and rhythms as a senator who has drawn up a contract on his own life, because he is just fed-up with politics and his own life, Beatty not only shows all his warts, he delivers, slapstick, schtick that you never thought existed in this artist.  He gambles and takes chances like no other top luminary of his kind.  Oliver Platt, Jack Warden, Don Cheadie, Paul Sorvino and Joshua Mallina give crystal-cut performances.

Of course a very special mention to the black revolutionary poet Amiri Baraka, who as a homeless person, almost becomes the man for all seasons. It is a political satire of a film; even “Primary Colors” couldn’t touch mostly because it has so many truths that we all are unwillingly to make our politicians face up them.  When people complain about voters’ apathy this movie would give them a reason for resurgence at the voters’ booth.

20th Century Fox

  • Warren Beatty ------------ Senator Jay Bulworth
  • Halle Berry ---------------- Nina
  • Oliver Platt ---------------- Murphy
  • Don Cheadle -------------- L.D.
  • Paul Sorvino -------------- Crockett
  • Jack Warden ------------- Davers
  • Isaiah Washington --------- Darnell
  • Christine Baranski --------- Constance Bulworth
  • Amiri Baraka ------------- Homeless man
  • Sean Astin ---------------- Gary
  • Ariyan A. Johnson -------- Cheryl
  • Joshua Malina ------------ Feldman
  • Laurie Metcalf ------------ Mimi
  • Michele Morgan ---------- Tanya
  • Wendell Pierce ----------- Fred
  • Richard Scott Sarafian ---- Vinnie
  • Directed by: Warren Beatty
    Produced by: Warren Beatty, Pieter Jan Brugge
    Screenplay by: Warren Beatty, Jeremy Pikser
    Story by: Warren Beatty
    Rated R

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    Original Date Monday 26 May 1998
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