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Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss

“A Tommy O’Haver Trifle”, is the way that Tommy O’Haver describes his directorial debut with this over-romanticized flick.  Sean P. Hayes, plays Billy, a gay photographer from Indiana, who has come to Hollywood to seek his fortune, in the movie business.  He really idolizes the old Hollywood and wants to recreate some of the famous love scenes with drag queens, who also help serve as a Greek chorus when things start looking run of the mill.  Billy is in transition with his old lover wanting to share his affections with someone new, creating  a minor crisis in his life.   His lover is played with vigor and lusty nuance  by Armando  Valdes-Kennedy.  Enters the hunk and a-half Brad Rowe who plays Gabriel and is not quite sure of his sexual orientation.

The worlds of Billy and Gabriel collide,(with Brad Rowe a spitting image of Brad Pitt), soon Billy is fantasying silver screen dreams, in which he and Gabriel carry on with a great deal of sexual rapture, even a Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers sequence that is beautifully captured. Richard Ganoung, is a pro-photographer who cannot quite come out and tell Billy that he loves him.  He plays the loyal best friend to the hilt and to his loss.  Meredith Scott Lynn, plays Billy’s best buddy and thank God, she is caring and not a fag-hag.  There are many other side characters that are juicy and flamboyant which add to the texture of a gay film gone big-time.  The fact that Billy loves messing around with his Polaroid Instamatic, sometimes give this flick a  David Hockney look, like his Pearblossom Highway collage.

O’Haver is a 29 year old director that bears watching, even when he gets a great assist from a crew that  knows what he wanted in costumes, music, and photography.  It will be interesting to see where Sean P. Hayes and Brad Rowe go from here as they show luminosity  that beckons for greater roles and more exciting material.

Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss
Trimark Pictures
Sean P. Hayes ----------- Billy
Brad Rowe -------------- Gabriel
Richard Ganoung -------- Perry
Meredith Scott Lynn ----- Georgiana
Matthew Ashford
Armando Valdes-Kennedy -- Fernando
Paul Bartel ------------- Rex Webster
Carmine Giovinazzo
Holly Woodlawn

Directed by ----------- Tommy O'Haver
Written by ------------ Tommy O'Haver
Camera by ----------- Mark Mervis
Music by ------------- Alan Ari Lazar
Production Design by - Franco-Giacomo Carbone
Costume Design by --- Julia Bartholomew
Edited by ------------- Jeff Betancourt
Produced by ---------- David Moseley
Associate producer --- Marcus Hu
 Co-producer --------- Meredith Scott Lynn, Irene Turner
MPAA Rated R for language, some sexuality and drug content.

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Original Date Sunday 30 August 1998