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Bellagio At Las Vegas

Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly, and with a web woven of silk threads and diamonds, they rushed with open arms to the newest resort hotel “BELLAGIO”.  It reeks with money, millions of dollars, no stone has been unturned to make this the plush of plush.  The trendiest of the shops that make Rodeo Drive in Beverly  Hills and Via Venuto in Rome look like cousins of the poor.  From Armani, Chanel, Cole Hann, Hermes to the finest jewelry that plastic can afford.  You can walk in your Guccis, Donna Karan or Salvadore Ferragamo shoes in all those marble and lush carpets, miles and acres of beauty to cover.  The Bellagio, takes its name from a small Italian town that faces Lake Como and Steve Wynn, has literally duplicated it, including Lake Como that fronts the property.  With dancing waters that  brilliantly sway and sparkle to singers ranging from Pavoraite to Frank Sinatra. Even Missolini never experience Lake Como like this.  I must question our values when the stage show “O” charges $100.00 per ticket to see the Cirque De Soleuil , all they have done is added water to it, a play on the word “eau”.  As opposed to the $10.00 entry fee to see the greatest three hundred million art show in the small but beautifully appointed , The Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art, which holds a collection to be envied by the greatest art connosieurs.  Granted you have to wait two hours to obtain tickets and another to hours to get in at peak times, BUT IT IS WORTH EVERY MINUTE OF IT.  Where else can you thrill at a Claude Monet,  Henri  Matisse, Joan Miro.  Great masterpieces that have been in private collections and that now are all here for the public to enjoy, Edgar Degas, Auguste Renoir, Edouard Manet.  Not to be sidetracked by the incredible Vincent Van Gogh’s peasant woman  sitting in a wheat field, to looking from the the other side of the room Paul Gauguin’s brilliant “The Bathers”, what would a gallery be without a  Pablo Picasso, his stark portrait of his wartime lover Dora Maar.  The abstracts have not been ignored,  what Willem de Kooning’s , “Police Gazette” to Andy Warhol’s iconic silkscreen of Marilyn Monroe.  Sculpture is sparse, but Alberto Giacometti’s ,”Man Pointing”, is thinly and visibly stark.  While Bransuci’s Brass demands your attention.  NOTE that neither stage show or art show have celebrity stars as such, but now it will really be criminal to go to Las Vegas and not see this Gallery of REAL STARS. It must be catching, because now the Rio Hotel is opening November 7th with the Treasures of Russia from the Pterhof Palaces of the czars for six months before it returns to St. Petersburg, Russia .  Viewers will be able to  glimpse at magnificent pieces from Faberge, including the Chanticlear Egg, which is on loan from the Forbes Collection in New York for this special engagement.  AH! CULTURE THY NAME BE VANITY

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Original Date 6 November 1998