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Bean the Movie with Mr. Bean Movie Review

Like in Human "Bean", Rowan Atkinson created the eccentric Mr. Bean for British TV in 1989 and has been incredibly successful in Europe to the tune of incredible video sales in the millions. The plasticity of this British nerd, with mute inversions, (A trademark of his character), his spasms of utter disconnections of his physical being, bring to mind Jim Carrey, except that Rowan has always relied more on his pantomime. But like GARBO in this one he speaks and if he sounds a bit like the former British Prime Minister John Major, that is an added bonus. Granted he doesn't have soliloquies, but he does get past grunts and groans. For the big screen he is uprooted from England to the west coast of America, where he is mistaken for a museum art expert delivering the $50 million painting of "Whistler's Mother", instead of what he really is a security guard. From here on in the stage is set for a diverse set of skits tailored to the talents of Rowan Atkinson.

From discombobulation to superciliousness he is aided and abetted by Harris Yulin, Peter MacNicol and Pamela Reed. His long time associates Richard Curtis and Robin Driscoll have made sure that the screenplay works for their star. PBS introduced his antics to America, so his following will be interesting as he already has a worldwide audience that screams for him.

There are questionable and tasteless moments, so be forewarned that it may not be your cup of tea. Rowan's comments in a recent interview were a bit more adroit; quote, "There is always that age-old thing about England and America being divided by a common language. You think that because we speak English and you speak English that you're bound to understand and like everything that we do, and of course you don't". Unquote. Well said…pip pip hoorah

Produced by: Peter Bennett-Jones, Eric Fellner, Tim Bevan
Directed by: Mel Smith
With: Rowan Atkinson, Peter MacNicol, Pamela Reed, Harris Yulin, Burt Reynolds
Casting by: Ronnie Yeskel
Co-producer: Rebecca O'Brien
Executive producer: Richard Curtis
Original music by: Howard Goodall
Production designer: Peter Larkin
Costume design: Hope Hanafin
Written by: Richard Curtis, Robin Driscoll
Edited by: Christopher Blunden
Director of photography: Francis Kenny
Rated: PG-13

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Original Date Sunday 9 November 1997
Updated Monday 10 November 1997