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"The Avengers"

“Oh the weather outside is frightful, and we are so delightful, and we have no where to go, so let it snow let it snow”. Sean Connery , who has had some wonderful nemesis in his 007 movies, fails to deliver as a superb villain when called upon do so in this movie, more the pity as it is always a pleasure to see him in any role. It is painful to watch such a suave actor wasted in this role. Of course by now you are all familiar with Emma Peel, the sexy Uma Thurman and the very literate John Steed, the sexy Ralph Fiennes, the fact that they all act in plastic baubles and never really communicate or excite the senses make this a very sorry mess.

Here again we have and old TV series being made into a big move, except it is thirty years later and the wonderful characters that made that TV series a hit were people with such charisma, Diana Rigg and Patrick Macnee, so why not leave well enough alone. Connery as a madman meteorologist determined to take over London, is they don’t meet his demands, is a bit dotty. The special effects are so noticeably bad that you wish they had consulted someone with more magic in the ocean waterworks scenes. The mechanical killer bees are a bit much, they could have use some “Men In Black” gimmicks that were a delight. Teddy Bears as big as human beings and in multicolored outfits try to be good henchmen, REALLY. Which makes Connery Scottish kilts almost look fashionable. Still if you are feeling in an insane mood. And I do mean INSANE, you’re welcome to this batch of hash.

The Avengers
Warner Bros.

Ralph Fiennes
Uma Thurman
Sean Connery
Patrick Macnee

Directed by ------------ Jeremiah S. Chechik
Produced by ----------- Jerry Weintraub
Screenplay by ---------- Don MacPherson
Rated PG

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Original Date Wednesday 19 August 1998