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"The Apostle"

After the apprenticeship of "The Apostle", which Robert Duvall has been harboring all these thirteen years with his concept of lust, obsession and revenge as the flyer says, we should have at least received some redemption. I am a fan of Robert Duvall and was so horribly disappointed with this actor taking on so much responsibility of starring , writing, producing and directing this his baby. Something always suffers when a celebrity wears too many hats. He may not have felt that it was ego-tripping , but it sure comes across like that. His church offering for fellow thespians of fifteen minutes of instant fame, does them a tremendous disservice. Farrah Fawcett, Billy Bob Thornton,(Billy whatever happened to you. We Hardly know you.), June Carter Cash and Miranda Richardson.

We must not forget his congregation and the gospel singers. If you are not baptized and saved by the end of the picture that is because you were out buying popcorn and sodas. To be a believer you have to buy into the thin story of ex-husband, Duvall, trying to get back into a relationship with his ex-wife, Fawcett. His faith, his ministry is at stake, but his shocking behavior in hitting his ex-wife's lover with a baseball bat, leaves you wanting to have someone explain such an act of violence. Especially from a man of the cloth supposedly. If they had sung one more uninspired gospel song we would all like to have joined the choir and scream, shouted and saved ourselves from such scabrous going ons.

Please Robert Duvall come back to the real screen and save us all.

The Apostle
October Films
Produced by: Rob Carliner
Written and directed by: Robert Duvall
With: Robert Duvall, Farrah Fawcett, Billy Bob Thornton, June Carter Cash, Miranda Richardson
Casting by: Renee Rousselot, Ed Johnston
Custome designer: Douglas Hall
Muisc supervisor: Peter Afterman
Original Score: David Mansfield
Co-producer: Steven Mack
Executive producer: Robert Duvall
Production designer: Linda Burton
Director of photography: Barry Markowitz
Rated: R

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Original Date Sunday 25 January 1998
Updated Sunday 25 January 1998