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Analyze This

In analyzing the flick “Analyze This”, we might have to analyze all the critics that have gone gaga over the teaming of Robert DeNiro and Billy Crystal. I can not believe the adjectives they are throwing around, like; UPROARIOUS COMEDY, FUNNY AND EXTREMELY SATISFYING, BUOYANTLY FUNNY, DROP DEAD FUNNY, DENIRO AND CRYSTAL HILARIOUS, LOOKS LIKE A MOB HIT, FUNNY, WICKED AN OFFER YOU CAN’T REFUSE’. BELIEVE ME, it is an offer that I can clearly refused.

The comic teamwork of DeNiro and Crystal, may have been crystal-clear in its concept, since Crystal is a producer, but the chemistry between these two just doesn’t happen.

DeNiro parading all his mafia roles is just not convincing. His crying jags are really pitiful and downright embarrassing , as for Crystal being the straight man here is very lamentable. The idea of a mafia boss needing a therapist  may have had humorous implications at the start, but somewhere along the line it gets lost.

Lisa Kudrow contributes little to the situation as  the “I want to get marry” girlfriend of Crystal, not her fault.

If the flick belongs to anyone, it certainly belongs to Joe Viterelli, who by now must have been in every movie eve made about Mafia connections. He moves the story along when the tough gets going.  But there is no huge sign of hilarity here.  Chazz Palminteri, who can always be counted for a great performance, could have mailed his in.

Harold Ramis directs like he has seen all the other mafia movies, and he must have as there a bit of everything that worked for the other movies but not this one. BAD BAD BAD WHEN STAR-POWER DICTATES.

Analyze This
Warner Bros.
Robert De Niro
Billy Crystal
Lisa Kudrow
Joe Viterelli
Chazz Palminteri

Directed by ---------------- Harold Ramis
Produced by ---------------- Paula Weinstein, Jane Rosenthal
Executive producers ------- Bruce Berman, Chris Brigham, Billy Crystal
Co-producer ---------------- Len Amato
Screenplay ------------------ Peter Tolan, Ramis, Kenneth Lonergan
Camera ---------------------- Stuart Dryburgh
Editor ------------------------ Christopher Tellefsen
Music ------------------------ Howard Shore
Associate producer --------- Suzanne Herrington
Assistant director ---------- Michael Haley
MPAA Rated R

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Original Date 13 March 1999