Crazy Horse
Restaurant and Nightclub
1360 W. Garvey Avenue South
West Covina, California
Official Crazy Horse Website
New Opening - The new Crazy Horse Restaurant and Nightclub in West Covina opened to the public on Wednesday 15 August 2007. It is at the location of the former Red Onion and National Sports Grill at 1360 W. Garvey Avenue South, West Covina.

The Crazy Horse  features some of the finest country entertainment on the West Coast. It has been named several times as Country Western Night Club of the Year. The owners plan to continue their concept of their previous successful facility with a full service restaurant and concert venue. Visit their website for details.

Irvine Spectrum Location: On New Year's Eve, 31 December 1999, the Crazy Horse reopened at the location in the Irvine Spectrum Center. The new Crazy Horse Steak House was double in size (22,000 square feet) and was on two floors instead of just one floor. The two level saloon had seats for 550 which is about twice as many as before. Also new was a patio area, waiting lounge with TV that also shows the stage entertainment, four dining rooms and a slight change in menu.

The Crazy Horse Restaurant and Nightclub closed at the Irvine Spectrum Center location on 29 June 2005. The 22,000 square foot location was replaced by an Old Navy clothing store.

Irvine Spectrum Center
Intersection of Highway 5 and 405
71 Fortune Drive, Irvine CA 92714

Crazy Horse Restaurant at the
Irvine Spectrum Center

Santa Ana Location: In Santa Ana north of the John Wayne Airport and north of 405 (San Diego) Freeway just west of the 55 Freeway. The Crazy Horse Steak House was at this location from 1979 to 1999. The new owner, John Nuccio, purchased it in 1997.

The original Crazy Horse building was demolished in February 2005. It is replaced by the Crazy Horse Square - a retail, dining and services center. Although it will use the Crazy Horse name, the developers are not connected with the owner of the country and western nightclub.
Previous Crazy Horse Steak House
1580 Brookhollow Drive
Santa Ana CA 92705.

Previous Crazy Horse Steak House

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